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We hope if you Join us it is the start of a mutually beneficial relationship.

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To complete your join us application please send us a copy of your:

  1. Drivers License

  2. Private Hire or Hackney Licence

  3. Your current vehicle insurance policy.

  4. Your Bank Sort code and Account Number to pay for the jobs completed.

  5. Accounts@gatwicktaxis.com

All payments are made within 24 hours of Journey directly into your account.

By joining us you are increasing yours work,please bear in mind that this would be in addition to any work you already carry out.

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Gatwick taxis Frequently asked Questions.

Q:    Is my information Entered into Website Secure?..
A:    Yes We are HTTPS which means our site is certified as being a Sercure Site by a regulated authority.
         SSL secured.We have a PCI DSS Level 1 Payment Service Provider(WorldPay)
         This is completely secure environment and handles all our Credit/Debit card payments.
Q:    What discounts or benefits do can I expect with Gatwick Taxis
A:    From time to time we run Special Offers Including discounts on some Fares up to 25%
Q:    Is waiting time included with the meet&greet service?
A:    Yes We track your arrival time We then allow 35minutes for you to arrive into the public arrivals hall.
Q:   Do you operate at any time day or night?
A:    Yes we operate a 24hours a Day 365 Days a year
Q:     Will I have to pay any parking charges?
A:       No  This is included within the fare you have paid.
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Q:     How will I find my driver in the Airport Arrivals Hall?
A:  Your Driver will be waiting  with your Name displayed on a board at the closest point to your entry into the Arrivals.

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Q:       But what if we are detained in immigration or customs for a long time?
A:       We would after a reasonable time charge a little extra to cover the costs of meet&greet and parking charges.
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Q:     Can I book my return with the Gatwick Taxis Driver that collects me or us ?
A:     You can book your return with the driver. We will always confirm with you via Email once re-booked.
         Therefore we will contact you to confirm your return booking. Until your confirmation is received
         by Email the booking status will only be provisional.
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Q:      Does Gatwick Taxis provide vehicles for Disabled People
A:      Yes Gatwick Taxis is proud to have several wheelchair accessible vehicles and welcomes the Disabled.
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Q:         How far is it to the vehicle from the Terminal?
 A:         Dependant on whether you arrive at the South or North Terminal it is generally less than a 5 minute walk
             your Driver will be keen to assist you with Luggage.
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Q:    Is my booking reference proof of purchase or do I need anything else to show the Driver?
A:    The Gatwick Taxis Email and Text sent to you has your own unique booking reference(GT-### ) This acts as
        proof of Purchase to your Gatwick Taxis Driver. Nothing else is needed.
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Q:      Do we charge for the Congestion Zone
A:       Yes this is payable to the driver on the day or night of travel the cost is currently £11.50
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 Join Us at Gatwicktaxis
Q:     Will I get a refund if I am unable to Travel.
A:      You will receive a 90% refund if 12 hours+ notice is given, 50% if 6 hours+ notice is given
          and 25% if 2 hours+ notice given If less than 2 hours notice is given you must call us in order
          to arrange cancellation. If you’re an account holder at the time of the booking we will ensure that we minimise
          the amount that you pay if you need to cancel.
          We advise that all persons travelling with us to have a general travel insurance in place.
           In the event that a cancellation is then made at short notice travel insurance would
           normally pay for your taxi journey via a claim.
 Join Us at Gatwicktaxis
 Join Us at Gatwicktaxis
Q:        Does Gatwick Taxis have an Environmental Policy or approach to Eco Issues
A:        Yes We have sought to ensure that All areas of the business are minimising the impact
            on the enviroment as much as possible.Currently Gatwick Taxis is Hosted with
            GreenGeeks Hosting service which uses onlyWind Energy to support its energy needs
          Gatwicktaxis Limited copyright 2016   +441293910010 Thank you for Using this service.Join Us at Gatwicktaxis